Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Umroh I'tikaf Experience [part 1]

Assalamu alaikum.. ;D

Hey:) I just wanna share my experience when I was there..
This is my VERY UNFORGETABLE MOMENT!<3 miss this moment so much..
hoped I can be there for the next time! #AMIN o:)
Alhamdulillah on Monday, August 6th, 2012. Today is Ramadhan (I forgot how many days of fasting) Alhamdulillah my mom, my dad and I go to Mecca and Medina for Umrah.
I'm very happy for this. Along with "Madinah Iman Travel", we will go with the Batavia Air Flight who had be rented before. Yap just for us ;)

At Sultan Hasanuddin Airport Makassar
Previously, firstly we must transit in Jakarta to meet with another group from Jakarta and Balikpapan. Then departed together at Soekarno Hatta International Airport.

From Indonesia to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, it takes  approximately 10 hours. Can you imagine just sitting in plane for 10 hours? So tired-_-" We' take a meal (sahur) on the plane during the trip. And you know? the time is "going back" so the "Imsak" time is longer than normally hihi

Yeah, finally! We arrived in Jeddah safely, Alhamdulillah. We arrived at noon. But i feel a little weird after come out from the Airport. Yap, the temperature in here is veeeeery HOT. I predicted that the temperature around 40 degrees Celsius. ;;-__-;;

(Click to enlarge) At King AbdulAziz International Airport, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Our first planning is go to the Mecca City and take the first Umroh before go to Madinah City to I'tikaf before Ied. And after Ied we'll go back to Mecca again. For this time, in mecca just 1 night.
What I likes in Mecca is there are so many shop and delicatessen with cheap price.
(Click to Enlarge) Ka'bah Masjidil Haram :)
E.g. Kebab just takes 2 Riyal. In Rupiah is Rp.5000 (1 Riyal = Rp. 2.500). So after my first umroh, I take culinary tour that night hehe..
The buildings in here are all luxurious. Hotel, Mesjid, even little shop. There are so many lamp in there who fulfill their ceiling and make brighter, in the night of course ;) . Okay after that, time to take a rest. Remember Hana, don't take this as holiday travel! This is Umrah pilgrimage! *yes sir!

Next day....
Time to going to Madinah city! We'll going there by Bus. For our group there are 7 buses. From Mecca to Madinah, it'll takes 5-6 hours. Long trip again '-')9
The view of this city is wonderful altough dryness. This city is clean and neat.
In the middle of the trip, we stopped at a restaurant for Iftar (breakfasting).

(Click to enlarge) The Hotel. In there, the Hotels is no more than 14 floors

A few hours later we arrived at Madinah city. In here, there is very different from Mecca. This city is very quiet than Mecca (because in Mecca there is Ka'bah that make the city very crowded). If in Mecca there is Masjidil Haram, in Madinah there is Masjid Nabawi :)

(Click to enlarge) on the way to Masjid Nabawi :)

We arrived at middle of night. That is ''Sholat Lail" time. After "Sholat Lail" we go to the restaurant for "sahur". Not far from our hotel and Mosque, there is a restaurant named "Rumah Makan Indonesia". Yap, the food in there is Indonesian food. Of course the Chef is Indonesian. Because the Arabian food isn't match with some Indonesian people's taste.
And you know? Our travel agency are booking this place until we've done in Madinah and make a contract with the Restaurant for the next trip ;)

Masjid Nabawi is the largest, widest, most beautiful Mosque after Masjidil Haram. This mosque was the home of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions at past. And also there is the tomb of the prophet. The first Nabawi is very small mosque called 'Raodah'. Raodah is one of the place that the prayer will be come true Insya Allah. The dome of Raodah is Green. But it's a bit hard to get into it there because it's full of people who come from over the world to pray in there, just like me.

We did I'tikaf during the last 10 days of Ramadan there. I'tikaf is stayed in the mosque for pray and not leave the mosque except for the important things. We also breakfasting in Mosque. There are some people/family who have volunteered to provide iftar meal for mosque. And the meal is various and delicious. Madinah citizen are very friendly :))
There are several kinds of foods typical arab like this one ;D
This bread is eaten with yoghurt. They like it. But in my taste is not match._."""

a Big Bread ;D 
Haha there is a drink named same with my name, Hana :D
The Situation when it's almost time for breakfasting
FYI, that the breakfasting time in here is 7 p.m. Late 1 hour in Indonesia because in here, the sunset is slower. This is summer huhu ;;-__-;;
There are a lot of Gamp :D for shelter us from sunlight. Very hot sunlight-_-
The Gamp is opened in 6 a.m. and closed in 5 p.m. In Gamp pillars, there are also a fan and lamp. And its worked automatically

Gamp in the courtyard of the mosque

After breakfasting, we've Maghrib and Isya and Tarawih Pray. Inside of the Masjid Nabawi is very cold! very different from the outside. I even got shivered because cold. The Dome roof of Nabawi is can be moved. When it's too cold, it will opened like this ;)

(Click to enlarge) The dome is opened
With my Dad ;)

In front of the gate of Raodah
The main gate of Nabawi :)
Oh yes, every morning, courtyard of Nabawi will be clean by this .......( i don't know) called Haram Captor :D

Haram Captor will be operate every morning

(Click to enlarge) With my Mommy and Daddy :*{}

After passed 10 days, finally tomorrow is Eid Fitr but my parents and I got a BAD news from my family in Indonesia. My first brother, Muh. Sholih Almunajjid was got an accident :''(((

During the night we continue to pray for his recovery. But his fate , he died the next day after critical. exactly 1 day before Idul Fitri. Too sad to remember the moment. I really really really sad because i can't see him for the last time :'(( and i've pray that I want go here with him next time. But now,it's impossible, he's gone. I cry hard. My mom is looked down but not cry too hard because she tawaqqal and has ready to this before when my brother in critical. But i know that her deep heart was so hurt,broken,and tears. Because of that, i've got a hard headache and can't go to Eid Fitr. I stay in hotel for take a rest. I'm not strong enough to accept this. Miss you my beloved brother "Muhammad Sholih Al-Munajjid" <3 (26/06/1997 - 18/08/2012)

After Eid, we've pilgrimage in Madinah.

(Click to enlarge) Quba Mosque

(Click to enlarge) Quba Mosque
(Click to enlarge) Kiblatain Mosque
 and then we'll back to Mecca to our second Umroh. And we take a Miqat in Bir Ali Mosque

(Click to enlarge) Bir Ali Mosque
[SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH, i just wanna practice to doing my best :)]
 ==To Be Continued== ^^


  1. woooow... that's must be wonderfull experience, I hope someday I will do what you did,,, amiiin,,,,,

    I'm speechless,,, You are the lucky one :)))

  2. kirain postingannya bakal seneng2 semuanya, pas baca diakhir wahh turut berduka cita ya,, be patient..

    1. hehe Allah kan adil mnyeimbangkan antara nikmat dan cobaan Nya,ya sperti itulah kami sdang diuji dgan ujian berat di negri orang :"D iya mkasih yah :")

  3. waaduuh saya gk bsa inggris niih

    ywdh slam dri KK
    & yugialone yaa

    jgn lupa kunjungan baliknya

  4. sebelumnya turut berduka cita ya,

    semoga brother mu, mendapat tempat terbaik, aamin.